Text from the Shilpa Shastras describing The Arts, Crafts and Sciences.


Manasara is a multi disciplinary design collective based in Sydney, Australia. Our work embraces the fields of architecture, film and television art direction and integrated design. 

We work across all scales and types of projects and to these bring our attention to detail and skills and experience to produce works which are timeless, environmentally responsible and contextually appropriate.



Our work places an emphasis on context and regionalism and is concerned with responding to each client and each project individually. We believe architecture should belong to a specific time and place and as such each project and its context will drive the design solutions and materials used. 

Our design process begins with a detailed understanding of the clients brief in relationship to environmental, contextual, economic and design parameters. We seek to understand the client and in so doing encourage and foster an interactive design process with them, bringing all aspects of this  process into play from the outset.

The  context and parameters of each project drives the design approach, resulting in individual, site specific solutions, materials and detailing.
Our intention is to create exceptional outcomes. Outcomes which inspire and elicit curiosity and delight, enriching and making a contribution to man’s interaction with the natural and built environment.