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Tom Nursey


Tom studied Architecture and Building at the University of New South Wales and worked under Peter Muller and Ed Tuttle on seminal hotel projects in South East Asia.

He is interested in regionalism on the international and domestic stage in the context of contemporary architecture and design and believes built experiences need to leave us with a sense of time and place whilst enhancing our environments culturally and experientially.

He has worked on major motion picture films as an art director for Fox Studios, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Legendary, Disney, New Line Cinema, HBO and the Sydney Olympics Ceremonies. He has an Oscar nomination and  one with the Art Directors Guild of America.

Tom is a practicing meditator, passionate surfer and experienced sailor and  divides his time between our studio in Sydney and our Northern Rivers New South Wales office.


John MacPhail


John studied Architecture at the University of New South Wales and lives in Sydney, Australia.

He has over 30 years experience on a broad spectrum of projects within Australia, Asia and the South Pacific. He has an intimate working knowledge of the Building Code of Australia and the relevant planning and approval instruments. He has worked on major projects including the relocation of the NSW Teachers Federation in Surry Hills, the relocation of the Public Sector Union to Haymarket, Bowral Library and Civic Centre, the Nan Tien Budhist Temple in Wollongong and a range of Hotel, Spa and residential projects in Australia, Asia and the Pacific. 

John feels good architecture and design are driven by understanding the culture and its locality while being grounded in a contemporary context. John is a keen cyclist, seasoned traveller and runs our Sydney studio.


Bodil Veibaek

Design Architect

Bodil hails from Denmark and Danish design tradition, which also informs her work and design approach. She is interested in architecture as the art of building worlds and spaces that add to the daily context that surrounds us and makes one feel more curious, uplifted, joyful and inspired, as you move through them, while taking into consideration the realties of the world around us.

She has a masters of Architecture and Building Design from 2002 and has since been working internationally with design, graphics, and drawing for architecture, film, theatre and commercials in Denmark, England and Australia.

Bodil is an avid reader and traveller and enjoys dancing, hiking and good coffee.

She joined Manasara in 2015 where she works as a design architect.

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Florane Petit


Florane is native to Montpellier in France and graduated with a masters in architecture and urban design from Montpellier University and Bahcesehir University in Istanbul Turkey. She has worked on projects in France, Spain, Turkey, Australia and South East Asia and is interested in multiculturalism in the context of architecture and its function to a specific time and place. Florane is a passionate traveller with a keen interest in astronomy and the sciences.

She commenced work with Manasara in 2016 and is an integral part of our design, documentation and presentation team.




Huzaimi Rosli


Huzaimi Rosli was born in The United States and studied Architecture at the University of New South Wales graduating with a masters degree in 2006. He spent five years practicing Architecture out of Kuala Lumpur before migrating to Australia in 2012 with his wife and family.

He has extensive experience in major projects and developments including hotels,mixed development, high rise and cultural projects in the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia. He believes architectural expression should be firmly grounded in a modern context and reflect the social and cultural influences of its location.

He has worked with Manasara on a design consultancy basis since 2013 on a variety of projects in Architecture and film and brings highly valued design, technical and graphic skills to our work. 



Gaby Pradie


Gaby is from Sydney and keeps our office functional. She is a qualified personal trainer with selected clients and is interested in the natural sciences and integrative medicine. Gaby has a busy family life and finds an outlet in health and fitness.